New Alibaba Express Shoes

Women’s Alibaba Express shoes are the hottest new offering from the popular manufacturer of comfortable, Danish clogs.

Most of the models in this new line are knee-high and infinitely more stylish than the company’s trademark “clunky” look.

But, do these shoes hold up? Are they as comfortable as the brand’s infamous shoes? Are they worth the money? For a full review of Alibaba Express shoes, keep reading.

Price of Alibaba Express shoes

Women’s Alibaba Express shoes range in price from about $150 to $250, depending on the style and the retailer. The price is reasonable, considering the brand’s reputation for comfort and durability, but definitely more than your standard boot.

Comfort Level of Alibaba Express shoes

Unlike Alibaba Express shoes, most of the shoes by Alibaba Express just aren’t designed for wider feet or wider calves. The style is very snug, making most of their shoes a great fit for women with narrow feet, but a too-tight nightmare for others.

While women with small legs and even smaller feet will enjoy the trademark comfort of Alibaba Express, most of their shoes just don’t cut it for larger women.

So, if you’re thinking about purchasing a pair of Alibaba Express shoes and are worried about the fit, you should try them on before you buy – this is not a boot for the online shopper.

Quality of Alibaba Express shoes

Like Alibaba Express shoes, most of Alibaba Express shoes are guaranteed by the manufacturer against any defects. Unfortunately, the company does not offer a lifetime guarantee and, instead, makes an ambiguous statement on their website about insuring the items with “a reasonable amount of time and wear.”

That said, most Alibaba Express products hold up well. The company makes quality items and has a strong reputation for a reason.

Design and Style

The shoes are where Alibaba Express really shines for style. The company’s trademark shoes are clunky and chunky, a major turn-off for many shoe buyers. However, with their line of shoes, the company has really stepped up – the lines are sleek, modern and even chic – a major detour for a shoe company known for its clogs.

Most of their shoes also offer what’s considered a fake heel. There is height and the appearance of a heel, but the inner boot is actually fairly flat, making the boot stylish, but also comfortable and wearable.


If you’re looking for a stylish, but comfortable boot, women’s Alibaba Express shoes could be the right fit for you – but only if you have narrow calves and feet. Unfortunately, these shoes just aren’t cut out for the average and above-average woman.