AliExpress Hair Extensions Pros and Cons

The application of AliExpress hair extensions on your hair involves not only a number of advantages, but some drawbacks as well.

On the good side, the great look of the hair, versatility of styles and the increase in volume and thickness are the advantages.

The possible damage caused is explained in the drawbacks paragraph, while the assistance of a qualified hairdresser is strongly recommended for the addition of the extensions. The cost involved will depend on the type of extension you want and how much salon help you need.

The AliExpress Hair Extensions Pros and Cons & Its Varying Prices

A long hair style could take a long period of time not only to grow it, but to maintain it as well. For some people all this waiting seems to be unbearable.

The addition of AliExpress hair extensions give an easy alternative to the long hair that most women are dreaming of.

This application provides the possibility of trying a number of styles with long hair.

The use of extensions is not for adding on the length of your hair only. Extensions are used by some people, to provide thickness and volume. The use of extensions is a good option for the hair that starts showing signs of thinning.

AliExpress hair extensions that are properly selected and of good quality will always match your hair in a perfect way, and no one would know that the rich looking hair is not yours except you. A visit to your hairdresser after 6 to 8 weeks of the first application, for a maintenance checkup, is needed.

Looking at the down side, the application of hair extensions might be time consuming.

We have to remember that a good AliExpress application depends on the length, the fullness and the method selected; it might take a 8 to 9 hours maximum when it is done by a hairdresser in a salon.

Cost might be the biggest drawback on this project. Cheap material does not help you. So if you wish to have your extensions to look more like your natural hair, you have to make a decision to invest a certain amount of money on a very good quality of hair.

AliExpress human hair extensions are quite expensive; they range from $100-$400 depending on length and style and still excluding the charges of the salon or hairdresser if you don’t know how to do the attachment on your own.

Synthetic hair extensions are made of artificial fibers only so they cost cheaper as compared to human hair extensions; the fewer synthetic hair pieces are only at $20-$50 while the longer and thicker synthetic hair pieces cost around $50-100. If you think about it, it is really worth the money that you are going to pay.

The cost of the AliExpress extensions depends on the length, the volume, as well as on the hairdresser you use for the application of the hair.

A major disadvantage might be the damage that is possibly done on your natural hair with this application.

Some people do not encounter any problems with the application. You might be among those who are lucky enough to not have any damage done to their hair with this application. However, at the time you are going to have AliExpress extensions, you should be informed of the possible damage that might be done to your hair. The heat, or the glue, used for the application of the extension may damage the root or the strand of your hair.

A break, a split, or a burn may be caused on the AliExpress hair strands. The tight knots and the braiding followed on the method of weaving might result to removal of the hair, or give your scalp an excess stress.

In the end, when making the decision to go ahead with the hair extensions, you better make sure that you a professional hairdresser or stylist is doing the application. When you start with the application, try to find out if the AliExpress hair added is not that heavy, so that no additional pressure is applied on the scalp and on your hair.

In case of any doubts, if the fitted hair is properly fixed, then you better try to clip in the hair extensions. The hair extensions added in this way, are removed and added at any time you wish. No damage is caused and they are absolutely safe.

No matter what your decision is, be always very well informed on this application. If not, the risk is high as it has to do with one of your most valuable assets, your AliExpress hair.