The term “Tumblr marketing”, when used in reference to internet marketing refers to the process of finding a special market (i.e. dog training) and marketing a product or service specifically targeted to that market.

Like the small grocery market which only offers special products or brands or is unique in some fashion, so too is Tumblr  marketing.

This type of marketing does not require a huge amount of money to start and is ideal for the newbie just starting out due to the lower cost and a workload that can be easily managed to fit any schedule.

As in Tumblr marketing, what you need to do is identify a market, find out what they need and fill that need.

That’s what Tumblr marketing is all about at its core level. Successful niche marketers identify different markets or niches, find out what the members are looking for or need by joining forums, interest groups and chat rooms that cater to a particular market and fill that need by offering a product or service that fills a need specific to that market.

Joining forums, interest groups and chat rooms are also a way for you to establish yourself as an expert in a particular niche.

You do this by allowing people to get to know you thru your posts. Providing an unsolicited answer or solution for a specific problem a fellow forum member may be experiencing can go a long way to establishing yourself and your credibility within a given niche.

Keep in mind, your efforts in the beginning must focus on establishing yourself and your credibility. Let people get to know you and in time, you can begin to market a product or service that may be of great value to you and your specific Tumblr.

Another way to start is by placing paid ads on sites which cater to your niche. It’s important to do your research on the sites you would like to place ads. Ad placement, reputation of the site and will/does your target audience visit the site you are interested in advertising on?

This information is critical to your success, placing ads on sites that aren’t relevant to your Tumblr can cost you big time, not only in terms of potential income but your reputation as well.

By specializing, you decrease your workload which enables you to focus your attention, so that you can increase sales in your chosen niche market.